About McPherson’s

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McPherson’s was established in 1988 when founder Angus McPherson started landscaping gardens in and around Cape Town. In the years since then, McPhersons became a well known and respected name in the “green industry”. A natural progression was branching into retail and in 2003 a prime piece of land was purchased on which a Garden Centre was developed.

In 2005, Caren McPherson left a successful corporate career in order to support her husband in what had now grown into a group of companies. Their eldest son, Daniel, joined shortly thereafter to assist in the landscaping division and finally in 2013, some 25years later, Luke the younger son joined making McPherson’s a true family business.

In this new season, Angus and Caren plan to move into a more supporting role allowing their sons to make more operating and directional decisions. Daniel and Luke share the same passion to serve the community and are sure be good stewards of what has been entrusted to them.