Cancellation Policy

Although our cancellation policy as stated on our invoices, brochures & website says that we do not offer refunds on venue fee’s we will always do our absolute best to rebook the date. To this end, we always keep a register of brides/customers wanting dates already taken. The problem with this however is most weddings/events are booked years in advance with some as long as 18 months.

The above being said, we would not hesitate to refund a bride/customer in full should they cancel 12 months in advance. Should they cancel 6 months in advance we would refund 50% & then a further 25% should their date be rebooked. Unfortunately, if there are less than 6 months to go we would only refund should we be able to rebook the date less 25%.

As a last resort should there be 3 months or less to go until the cancelled date, we would consult with the customer & advertise their date at a discounted rate. We do this to recoup a portion of the venue fee.

As a final note, we do hope that you would not need to cancel as this means both parties would suffer a loss. I trust the above is clear & you are welcome to contact us should you have any questions whatsoever.


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